Port Dover Regional Library.

DSCF4792The Naked Canadian, Blue Water sailor, Adventurer, cruising Author  and Vancouver Island resident, Andrew Gunson was welcomed for a book signing by staff at the Port Dover Public Library after he made a generous donation to the Norfolk County Library system.

Andrew Gunson met with library officials on Wednesday, after they included two of Gunson’s titles to their extensive catalogue of non-fiction travel literature.DSCF4783

The “Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian” a book chronicling Gunson and his family’s 14 month sailing voyage from Vancouver Canada to Mexico and back. And “The Tahiti Syndrome, Hawaiian Style” an epic account of the family’s voyage from Vancouver through the Hawaiian Archipelago. Both titles are now available in paperback through the Norfolk County Public Library system.

Gunson is also about to release his latest titles, A slow Boat to Panama, a two volume set chronicling his 5 year voyage from Vancouver Canada, down through Mexico, Central America, Galapagos Islands then onto the Caribbean Sea after transiting the Panama Canal.  Mr. Gunson has been invited back to perform an author’s reading so watch Norfolk’s Library calendar events for possible dates.DSCF4785

In the meantime, either visit one of Norfolk Public libraries or order your own copies of this author’s salty tales on line from Amazon.ca in hard copy or e-book version.

For more stories, pictures and some great YouTube videos visit Gunson’s blog at



The Best People are Cruisers!

Way back in 2001/02 while cruising Maiatla down to Mexico, we met so many great people, many of them are still our friends today. One of those people was a very talented musician by the name of Travis Burke of the Sailing Vessel Mystery Tramp, then out of San Fransisco. On our recent voyage down to Costa Rica we were able to hook up with Travis at his Bar, La Perla Negra located on the Gulf of Nicoya. One night after the bar closed, my wife Janet and I sat around with Travis to talk old times and as often happens, Travis pulled out his guitar to play us some of his new music. One of those songs I video recored so you can hear him too. check it out!travis

Click on the youtube link: Travis Video at La Perla Negra, Costa Rica. 

Travis is the author and performer of my own personal theme song, The Naked Canadian which is track #8 on his, The Ocean is a Woman CD. Travis is also headed back into the recording studio this spring with a new batch of songs. We can’t wait.

Ocean The Ocean is a women CD Lick here

You can also check out Travis Bar and resort, by following this link.  La Perla Negra Link; la perla Negra

Cruising can best be described as the art of sailing to nowhere in particular, at a pace that’s hardly discernible and living as locals not just travelers passing by. -Andrew W. Gunson. SV Maiatla II

Getting acquainted with one of the locals.guest. One short timer once said to me that they knew that they had finally had become cruisers when she realized that she didn’t know what day of the week it was. My reply was, “well I think you’ve finally made it as a cruiser when not only do you have to ask what month it is, but don’t, because you didn’t really care anyway!

Hilo News.

Hilo News.
April 1, 2017
“The Naked Canadian,” was well received on the Big Island of Hawaii. Vancouver Island and Nanaimo resident, Bluewater sailor, adventurer and cruising author, Andrew Gunson met with officials at the Hilo Public Library system which has just included two of his titles into their extensive catalogue of non-fiction travel literature. “Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian” and “The Tahiti Syndrome, Hawaiian Style,” are now available in paperback at the Hilo branch of the public library and sister branches.
Check out these books by visiting the blog, thenakedcanadian@wordpress.com and for additional stories, videos and photos of the authors latest sailing adventure to the Galápagos Islands.Hilo Library-1