Hey Maiatla made the News!

 Nanamio Daily News

 Author working on ‘Naked Canadian’ series

 Marina Sacht / Daily News                                           January 30, 2015

I’m back! This winter I took a few months off to join the sailboat Maiatla in Tapachula, Mexico, and sailed to Costa Rica, stopping off at El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The boat is owned by Andrew and Janet Gunson of Cedar. Gunson has written several books on his family sailing adventures and is working on his third in the Naked Canadian series.

The book should be a good one. On this trip we had a lot of wind, over 50 knots blowing so hard that the dodger was starting to come apart. Fishing, snorkelling, exploring jungles and being held at gunpoint by the Nicaraguan military on a secluded beach were just some of the interesting episodes on the trip. To read more or see photos visit his blog https://thenakedcanadian.wordpress.com/