Preparing for another Cruising Season

August -2015 Winter Cruise Plans

Come December the Maiatla and her crew will be sailing over 900 miles from Chiapas Mexico down to the enchanted Galapagos Islands where we will spend 3-5 weeks cavorting with Penguins, marine iguanas and diving with Giant Manta Rays and Hammerhead sharks.

From the Galapagos we will set sail for the Panama Canal. 700 miles to the east along the equator where we will cross the Isthmus of Panama to the Caribbean and then head south to the San Blas Island, the land of the dugout canoes and Kuna Indians.  For a month we will explore the isolated islands where we will again dive our brains out on the magnificent coral reefs.

Come March it will be time to return to Northern Panama  and Boca Del Toro where the Red Frog Marina was carved out of the jungle. For another month we will sail out of the marina exploring the coast, diving and perhaps renting a car for some inland tours of the Mayan Ruins in Honduras. We have cruising friends already in the area and we hope to hook up and get reacquainted. Sometime in April we will bed down the boat at the Red Frog for another summer and we will head home to Nanaimo to see family and regretfully… return to work for a bit. Well that’s it in a nut shell. Can’t wait to get started.

There may be some crewing opportunities for a few bodies from Mexico to the Galapagos or through the Canal. If this interests anyone please visit  the “Crewing Opportunities” section of this blog for more information.

Maiatla's 2015/16 Winter Cruise

Maiatla’s 2015/16 Winter Cruise