Episode #10 Snorkeling with Sea Lions.

Here is episode #10 of Take 5s video documentary series chronicling our voyage to the fabulous Galapagos islands.

Click on the link or Picture to view the this addition or any of the previous episodes.




2 thoughts on “Episode #10 Snorkeling with Sea Lions.

  1. That was a cool video. I can’t imagine sailing among those islands with no accurate charts, radar, depth sounder or a engine.


    • Yes well we didn’t plan it that way. We planned the voyage down to the last detail. We had all the bells and whistles with back ups that just seemed to desert us at the worst possible moments. That said, we are experienced sailors and know how to navigate and sail old school. We were just challenged to utilize skills and knowledge that we have literally spent a lifetime developing. In truth, it was an awesome sail and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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