Crewing Opportunities


Crewing Opportunities aboard  SV. Maiatla.

There are times during our travels when we require  additional crew. It may be on a long or potentially difficult passage, a short coastal hop or we may require someone with a particular skill set. IE Camera man, diver or someone with an unusual personality for comic relief and to provide fodder for our books. Or perhaps we would just may desire some different company. Anyway this is the section that will post our needs when and if they arise.

As an example this April, 2015 when I suddenly was called back to work and I had injured my arm in a gale a few weeks earlier and we needed to make a quick run from Costa Rica to Chiapas Mexico. A run of about 550 miles along the El Salvador/Nicaraguan coasts and a friend, on short notice flew down and had a two week adventure.  We will also be looking at transiting the Panama Canal some time during the 2015/16 cruising season and will require four line handles. Interested?

We maintain an active list of possible crew and if you want your name added the first thing you will need to do is contact us and let us know that you are interested. Depending who you are and on your cruising cruising resume,(experience not necessarily necessary) your name can be added and drawn upon in our time of need.   Being able to travel at short notice and being flexible is a definite asset. Before deciding please be sure to read the Maiatla Articles posted on another page for more information of what is expected and required.

Regards and Fair winds,

Andrew Gunson,

AKA the Naked Canadian.

 2015-16 Crew matrix

Ok well another cruising season has come to an end and Janet and I just wanted to thank all the people who made this voyage a successful and memorable one.

Thanks to Mark Taylor, Marina Sacht and Nic Longo for helping us get Maiatla from Mexico to the Galapagos Islands.

Also to Teri Taylor, Thomas, Melissa and Damien Gunson who crewed amongst the Galapagos Islands.

And finally to Kara Wieler and Ashley Skender who were superb on the difficult voyage from the Galapagos to the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal.

Special thanks to Rick Veters for helping us sail from Costa Rica to Mexico.

and of course to Al Clawson for sailing with me from LadySmith Harbour on Vancouver Island down to San Diego then again from Chiapas Mexico to Costa Rica.

Thanks again to all.

As far as any crew required, I do not see any immediate  need for bodies but you never know. If you would like to become part of Maiatla’s crew some day let us know, you never know.



The Three Amigos!

CREW WANTED.       Chiapas Mexico  to the Galapagos Island.

We are planning to depart Chiapas Mexico on or about the 1st of December 2015. Our destination will be the Galapagos Islands off of the coast of Ecuador. It will be approximately a 8 to 9 day offshore passage. No stops and definitely out of sight of land. I need to keep the crew small due to my cruising permit for the islands so five aboard will be Maximum. As it stands now, it will be Myself, Janet and Marina, One more would be nice, two is ok.   We are planning on 3 to 5 weeks in the islands before running to Panama and the canal. Crew can leave the boat in The Galapagos Islands or in Panama.

CREW WANTED   The Galapagos Islands to the Panama Canal. approx. January 21st 2016

The  Galapagos to Panama Passage will be approximately  6 to 8 days.  A short stop (3-5 days) will be made at the pearl Islands off the coast of Panama.  Will be waiting up to a week to transit the canal. .

CREW WANTED Transiting the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Caribbean side. approx. January 25 February 1st 2016

We will need four line handlers. Prefer that the new crew  join the boat a few days before the transit. It will take two days to navigate the canal and then we will spend a few days in Colon on the Caribbean side before departing for the San Blas Island. If timed correctly, you may be able to get away with allowing  a single week for the canal transit.

Due to Visa/permit requirements, I will have to have all the dates and crew names finalized by the end of September so if you are interested let me know as it will be first come first served and because its a boat, space is limited.

Maiatla's 2015/16 Winter Cruise

Maiatla’s 2015/16 Winter Cruise


4 thoughts on “Crewing Opportunities

  1. Hi Andrew: Would be glad to join you for some sailing, not sure it could work into your current plans. Keep me in mind, I usually have a fairly flexible schedule.My only offshore experience is racing in Australia, the Friday night to Sunday afternoon bashes down the coast and back from Perth. Not sure it qualifies for anything but stupid. I am sailing every opportunity here in Vancouver so if you are in the area we can arrange something here.

    • Hi Richard, nice to hear from you. I see that you have been doing some traveling of your own. Your sails off of Australia would certainly give you a taste of offshore work and its more experiences than many who first sail with us. I still hope to get Maiatla down to Austrlia sometime. As for this seasons voyage to the Galapagos and Panama, as you can imagine, we had a lot of interest…too much in fact. As it stands now we have a full boat for all the legs, mostly family. For the Canal transit we will have 9 on board including the pilot… a real full house. I’ll put your name on the potential crew list and if a position opens up, who knows? There is always next season in the Caribbean. Anyway stay in touch, love to have you some time. Cheers Andy

  2. Hi Andrew and Janet, If/when you sail to Australia, I’d be interested. A place I’ve always wanted to visit. I don’t have experience in open ocean, but have sailed 2 weeks in the San Juans, sailed Lake Michigan (Milwaukee-Sturgeon Bay and across to Michigan, and Milwaukee to just north of Chicago), sailed Banderas Bay (PV, Mexico). I’d consider other sailings just to regain lost skills and knowledge!

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