Magazine Articles

It would seem that Maiatla and us are enough of an oddity to be considered fodder for several magazines. Check out these recent stories and the misguided magazines that thought we were worthy to grace their pages.

See article below or click on the highlighted link.

Surrey Amateur Radio Club- Nov 2016 News Letter-See at bottom of this page.

Take 5 Dec-Jan 2017- High Seas Adventure-The Galapagos Islands, the hard way! page 44  see story at bottom of this page.

Nanaimo Daily News- Author working on “Naked Canadian” Series. Jan 2015


Take 5 December – Jan 2014 issue Page 44.  The Gulf of Storms

Nanaimo Daily News-Febuary 07-2014

Take 5- July 2012 issue. page 31.

Senior Living-July 2012. page 30.

Take 5- December/January 2013 issue. page 45.

48 Degrees North-November 2013 issue. page 12.

Cruising Outpost-Book Review. September 2014. see in “My Book” section of this blog.

Cruising World Magazine- June 2002- see at bottom of this page

Nanamio Daily News- bulletin -August 30 2014- see bottom of this column.

Baja Insider magazine – The Devil Fish and the Little Mermaid.

take-5-issue-dec-jan-2016Take 5 DEcember issue

Cruising Outpost-cover Book Review-1

Baja Insider

Nanamio Daily News

Take 5-dec take 5 July senior living

48 north             Cruising world story page 1Cruising world story-pg2Cruising world story-pg3-4Nanamio Daily News- san Francisco-4














































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