Where in the World is Maiatla II ?


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to see where we are today!

Our Ham radio call sign is VEOMIA– victor echo zero mike India alpha.

Well as of the summer of 2016 the Sailing Vessel Maiatla, after being shrunk wrapped and had a dehumidifier installed, has been placed in dry storage. Her location is at Fort Sherman marina at the very start of the Panama canal on the Caribbean. Jan and I are back in Canada seeing family and doing that work thing that helps to keep us cruising.  Check out the section on FUTURE VOYAGING PLANS to see whats in store for us next.


Well our 2015/16 cruise is over and despite several serious mechanical break downs and gear failures we  managed to complete our planned voyage. From Chiapas Mexico we sailed to the Galapagos islands of Ecuador then to the Panama Canal where we transited through to the Caribbean. As of April 2016 we were in a marina at Fort Sherman where we had the boat hauled out of the water and shrunk wrapped for the summer season. (click on the globe to see where we are right now!) Click on “Future Voyaging plans” tab at the top of  the page to see whats next for the crew of the Maiatla and the Naked Canadian

As of February,2 2016. We are anchored on on Santa Cruz Island, the Galapagos Island, Ecuador. see map below.



Below are Google maps showing some of our voyages in reverse chronological order and where we are presently at in the world.  The map showing our present location is below. Chiapas Mexico.2014-15 CruiseMexico to Costa Rica-map

2014 San Francisco voyage-1

2012 panama Voyage2010 delivery-12009 circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.2007 Hawaiian voyage2001 mexico Voyage


2 thoughts on “Where in the World is Maiatla II ?

  1. Hi guys, good to hear you are still alive. If you have a bird building a nest on the mast, I suggest you have stayed too long. Or perhaps the bird was thinking of hitching a free ride and was just making himself comfortable.

  2. Hey guys.Jim and Jackie and Lily are in LA Paz Mexico. Will haul out April 1 and head back be for April 15.Hope you are having fun. We are.

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