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“Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian” by Andrew W. Gunson. Book one of the “Naked Canadian” Cruising Series. Imagine swimming, surrounded by hundreds of giant Manta Rays in the Sea of Cortez, or riding the tail of a hurricane towards Hawaii while a second storm threatens to overtake your boat from behind. The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian, candidly chronicles the true life adventures of a family of four that set forth on a 52 foot sailboat to circumnavigate the world. The life-long dream of the head of the household seizes the family’s imagination and together they sail off on a voyage of discovery and often humorous misadventure, allowing the reader to experience what it is truly like on a daily basis to live the life of a ‘Sea Gypsy’ with a pair of precocious children and an initially apprehensive spouse as crew. The book covers the first year of the voyage, traversing the coast from Canada to Mexico; including being anchored in San Francisco during the assault on the World Trade Center — experiencing the Golden Gate City gripped in fear, as well as tales of scuba diving the ‘Great White Shark’ infested waters of the Farallon Islands off the coast of California. Life on the water includes cruiser’s music festivals, exploring tropical desert islands, and a road trip through the Baja desert, which entails staring down the barrel of a loaded machinegun on more than one occasion. Despite their apparent carefree existence, the tragic destruction of several vessels and the loss of some friends soberly remind them of the potentially dangerous life they were leading upon the sea. The other crazy cruisers that they meet along the way; the rich and famous, the poets, paupers and musicians whose own stories and lust for life, often bordering on the bizarre, unexpectedly inject spice and color into their lives as they wander the world under sail.

The Tahiti Syndrome-Cover


We are pleased to announce the long awaited book two of the “Naked Canadian” Cruising Series. Vancouver Island cruising author, bluewater sailor and adventurer, Andrew Gunson has just released his latest book entitled, The Tahiti Syndrome-Hawaiian Style, the sequel to the critically acclaimed, Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian, One family’s Mexican Odyssey. The Tahiti Syndrome Hawaiian Style is an introspective journey taken under sail into the very heart of the great Pacific Ocean to the magnificent Hawaiian archipelago. Accompanied by his family and friends, Gunson’s seven-thousand-mile, deep sea voyage is not only a journey across a great wilderness, but a personal journey where he explores his successes and failures, his life, love and family in an effort to answer the question man has been asking himself from time immemorial, is there meaning to my life? Candidly written and heartfelt, this sailing adventure travelogue is full of fascinating nautical titbits and astute philosophical ramblings augmented with insightful and memorable quotes from many historical travel writers and adventures of the past. Facing Pacific gales, hungry sharks and an ocean of mind-numbing immensity is all preferable to staying ashore to deal with the “Mindless automatons of the insipid netherworld.” Insightful and often funny as the author grapples with his tenacious and at times, uncooperative teenage daughter. The Tahiti Syndrome is a physical as well as a metaphysical journey through life and love as encountered from the heaving deck of a 52 foot ketch, the S.V. Maiatla. If you have every dreamed of sailing over the horizon to live the life of a cruising vagabond, join as vicarious crew Andrew and Janet Gunson aboard the Sailing Vessel Maiatla for their latest Naked Canadian Adventure and voyage into Oceania Both Books are now available in Kindle format from Amazon!

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A Few Book Reviews.

Barry Low, Senior Living Magazine &Freelance Writer

Review of The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian.

It is a rare time indeed when a non-fictional account of a family’s adventure sailing the high seas is true to the meaning of captivating. This novel throws the reader a life preserver and pulls you aboard where you are instantly welcomed as crew, diver, explorer, and good friend of the Gunson family. The Netherworld with its noise and smoke and stress is left behind — you’re on Cruiser time now and likely the most difficult task ahead is trying to put this book down.

Author, Skipper Andrew Gunson and Editor-wife, Janet Gunson have created a work that takes you exploring underwater caves of the Sea of Cortez, unpredictable Moray eels with attitude, distant murky shadows while you dive among reefs possessed by Great White Sharks, leaping Manta Rays, and sailing on the Maiatla with a hurricane charging within site behind you. The written details are magnificent; there are no voids when the reader will ask themselves, “How did I get to this part of the story?”

And most of all, it’s a saga about a husband, wife and their two children, moments of tears and laughter, curiosity and apathy, and close friendships and dangerous strangers.

The story is a romance with the ocean and life; its certainties, surprises and mysteries – who is the Naked Canadian.

The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian by Andrew W. Gunson. It is a fine read – a great read — a must read for the Cruiser that is in all of us.

For an embracing, enhancing visual of Maiatla and her crew enter Maiatla on YouTube and prepare to “raise the hook!” as you sail on The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian.

Reviews off of the Amazon Site

David Malone

This review is from: Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian (Kindle Edition)

 I’ve been on a theme, reading a couple dozen books, mostly nonfiction, on sailing. This stands as one of my favorites.

Quite an Adventure, December 25, 2011

By Dana Vincent –

This review is from: Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian (Paperback)

 Although not a diver, I found the book to be quite readable, entertaining and informative. I try to read as much as I can on those sailing the Sea of Cortez as I’ll be sailing there again myself next year when I return to San Carlos where my boat is presently stored. Their adventures, narrow escapes, friends along the way, mishaps and problems solved all make for a great read. Bottom line, for me at least, is simply that it doesn’t matter what size boat one has, all the same sights, adventures and experiences are common to all those that sail regardless if the vessel is 25′ or 45′. Having their children aboard was a wonderful thing and even though circumstances changed their plans at times, it’s not the destination that is so wonderful to read about but the journey. Having been to a few places they mentioned made it that much more interesting. Great read for anyone contemplating a voyage on their own……or an armchair traveler sitting in front of a warm fireplace……or even one that’s been there, done that.

Amusing read, July 16, 2010

By Ed Cook of Australia

This review is from: Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian (Paperback)

 Andy writes a very honest, amusing way. An excellent insight into life at sea, really felt I knew the family well by the end of the book.


“The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian” 

In sharing his pursuit of a life-long dream, Andrew Gunson yields an entertaining and fascinating account of the realities of offshore cruising. From the moment Maiatla leaves her home port, the reader unknowingly becomes crew and the fifth member of this sailing family. Gunson’s direct and witty style transports us to exotic anchorages and vibrant ports. In the process, the Naked Canadian also bares his joys and fears alike, thus taking us along a deeper journey into love, friendships and family. No sooner returned home, you’re already eagerly awaiting Maiatla’s next adventure.

              Guylain Roy-MacHabée


             Bluewater Cruising Association of B.C.

Written with the Spirit of Tristan Jones enviously lurking in the shadows. The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian effectively captures the day-to-day essences of contemporary cruising. The author is a vivid story teller who lures the reader into joining his family to share their daily experiences as they rediscover the world on their own terms from the deck of a 52 foot sail boat. Good family fun and High Seas adventure. Full of laughs, fears and heart felt honesty. For armchair sailors or anyone dreaming of sailing over the horizon, a must read.

Commander J.P. Lawson. RNR. RD (Retired)

From Hurricanes to the placid sea of Cortez, from gun toting Mexicans to swimming with Giant Manta Rays and the bitter loss of fellow cruisers, there is never a dull moment for this Canadian sailing family as they endeavour to live out their cruising dreams. The Voyage of the Maiatla with the Naked Canadian is full of memorable characters not the least of which is the Author whose obvious disdain for clothing is celebrated in song, written by a San Franciscan musician. A refreshing look at a lifestyle that most fantasize about but few dare to attempt.

Bay Cruisers Association of San Francisco


What people are saying – Write a review

User Review –

I just finished reading this book and I loved it! My husband and I dream of taking our young son and daughter on a cruise like this in a decade or so. It is clear that Andrew is a fantastic sailor (and has a very competent partner and first mate, Jan). I especially loved the description of anchoring under sail…and so many things my husband and I aspire to! I loved the tidbits about the amazing spectacles of nature they got to experience as a family, and the stories that were caused by too much “Yellow Peril.” I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone who has done any coastal or offshore cruising! Just wishing I could listen to the infamous Naked Canadian song!

User Review –

I would like to recommend this book. It’s a funny and heartfelt family adventure. These guys may be crazy, but what a lifeastyle, what fun. Everyone I know who has read it loves it! Give it a try, you won’t be dissappointed!

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Cruising Outpost Book Review-248' North



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